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surrounding area. Studio location in Mahomet, IL.

Two Sweet Boys | Mahomet IL Family Photographer

July 28, 2017


I love photographing baby & toddler boys. Having a little boy of my own, I enjoy how interacting with younger children brings memories of all of those adorable stages back. They are so intrigued by everything, literally. Leaves, grass, rocks, sticks, if it belongs outdoors, little boys explore it. Are they figuring out if it can be used as a tool or if it is edible? Whatever their little minds are thinking, it is very cute to watch.


Knowing how the minds of explorers operate creates the flow of the session. At this session, we played games but also took time to slow down to allow the boys to be themselves and freely explore. Too many games can quickly lead to overstimulation and knowing when to slow down is key.


Young children are working on gaining independence, a crucial component of development. This translates into the fact that they rarely want to do what you want them to do. Instead, I like to put them in charge and I'll be ready with the camera when the perfect moment arises, such as the images on the bottom middle and bottom right. 


With so much fun at our digital mini session, this family has 8 beautiful high resolution images that tell the story of our time together playing and exploring at Lake of the Woods. 








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